Built in 1923 by the Masons, Solomon Lodge No. 221 has been a meeting place for the Masons of Pineville as well as a retail establishment for 95 years. They met upstairs while renting the downstairs out to pay the building note. The first floor originally housed the Piggly Wiggly store on one side and John Ward Hardware on the other. John Ward Hardware moved to Alexandria and Piggly Wiggly sold out to Mr. A. A. Kelly who opened and ran Economy Grocery for over 30 years. After Economy Grocery closed the building was used only for lodge meetings until more recent years when it opened up for a short time as an antique store. It is now currently open as The Willowbench Meeting Place, a meeting facility perfectly suited for wedding receptions and business meetings. With adjacent land added for side parking and a courtyard area in the back for outside ceremonies, it's the perfect spot for that memorable moment.

Awarded Restoration Project of the Year in 2009 selected by the Historical Association of Cenla.